Top 5 Boarding Schools in California (2023)

A place where learning goes hand in hand with adventure, where education reaches new heights against a backdrop of palm trees and blue skies. That place is California, where learning meets adventure under the warm sun.  We’re here to take you on a ride through the top 10 boarding schools in this golden state, where students flourish not only in books but also in life. These schools aren’t your typical ones – they’re like stepping stones to a better future. Join us as we uncover the schools that blend tradition with innovation, all while making friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Get ready to explore California’s educational wonders – let’s dive in!”

1. Villanova Preparatory School

Step into a world of educational brilliance with our co-educational boarding school, established in 1924 by passionate Augustinian Catholics who hailed from Villanova, Pennsylvania. Our rich legacy of academic excellence and values-based education sets the stage for an exceptional learning journey.

Embark on a journey of global education with our renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Our school proudly champions diversity, with over 60% of our 200 students coming from around the world. Immerse yourself in a multicultural tapestry of experiences, as students unite to celebrate their heritage on the vibrant International Day. This event is a heartwarming showcase of cultural traditions, fostering unity and understanding among our students.

Villanova Preparatory School
Villanova Preparatory School

Securing a top-tier education has never been more attainable. Discover the opportunities that await you with our annual tuition fees set at $64,000. We believe in nurturing talent and potential without financial barriers, making excellence affordable for all.

At a co-educational boarding school, the journey to knowledge is boundless, the celebration of diversity is unwavering, and the pursuit of excellence is shared by all. 

2. Santa Catalina School:

Explore the fascinating past of the Santa Catalina School, which was first founded as a monastery by a forward-thinking Dominican nun. Observe how a humble beginning developed into a thriving institution of modern education.

At the Santa Catalina School, where history and modernity come together, embrace the dynamic educational landscape. Our strong liberal arts-based curriculum gives students the freedom to explore and succeed. Learn about the variety of performance arts electives that are available to students in all grade levels, enhancing their educational experience through creativity and expression.

Uncover the essence of education that transcends boundaries. At Santa Catalina, we draw inspiration from the Catholic intellectual tradition, seamlessly blending faith and reason in our pursuit of truth.

Santa Catalina School
Santa Catalina School

Exceptional education should be within reach. At Santa Catalina, we believe in affordable brilliance, offering a world-class experience without the burden of astronomical costs. Annual tuition fees stand at $64,000, reflecting our commitment to shaping futures without financial barriers.

Step into a realm where tradition is interwoven with innovation, where faith fuels intellect, and where students are nurtured to become exceptional individuals.

3. Midland School:

Learn about a unique educational experience at Midland, a school that takes the classroom right up next to nature. This distinctive institution, which encompasses a vast 2,860-acre ranch and is located next to the enormous Los Padres National Forest, offers an enthralling setting for experiential learning. Break free from convention and enter a world of experiential learning.

Midland distinguishes itself by supporting hands-on learning through experiential education. Take part in ranch-related activities and see the farm first-hand. Every experience becomes a lesson in and of itself, whether it be caring for horses, going on energizing treks, or farming the land. Midland is a paradise for people who love the natural outdoors. Accept a way of life where riding horses, going on hikes, farming, and more are essential components of your academic journey. Midland provides a setting that honors and enhances your love of the outdoors, regardless of your level of familiarity with it or how interested you are in the wonders of the ranch.

Midland School
Midland School

Discover the path to excellence without sacrificing your passion for nature. Midland makes exceptional education accessible, with annual tuition fees set at $75,200. Here, the experience transcends traditional classrooms, intertwining academia with the wonders of the natural world.

Join Midland to embark on an educational expedition that transforms the way you learn, live, and thrive. With nature as your guide, the possibilities are boundless, and every moment becomes an opportunity to grow.

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4. Robert Louis Stevenson School:

At The Stevenson School, each step is a stride toward achievement as you enter a world of educational ability. Our goal is to help kids develop a passion for learning that will last a lifetime and a basis for a life that is truly fulfilling.

Explore our two unique campuses to experience education like no before. Around 250 Pre-K through 8th grade students travel on a thrilling journey of discovery at the Carmel campus. Meanwhile, nearly 520 students in grades 9 through 12 are welcomed on the Pebble Beach campus, where their path is marked by transformation and growth.

Robert Louis Stevenson School
Robert Louis Stevenson School

Exceptional education paves the way for an exceptional future. At The Stevenson School, we believe in making this future accessible. With annual tuition fees set at $72,300, we ensure that the path to greatness is within reach for all those who aspire to learn and evolve.

Step into a world where success is nurtured, curiosity is celebrated, and learning transforms into a lifelong journey. Join us at The Stevenson School, where education isn’t just a destination, but a voyage of discovery, growth, and joy.

5. Woodside Priory School:

Rewind to 1957, when Benedictine Catholic monks planted the seeds of education. Witness the transformational process that produced The Priory, a knowledge- and value-based institution and is one of the best Boarding Schools in California. Enter The Priory’s realm, spanning across an impressive 51-acre campus. Here, education thrives amid nature’s beauty, creating an environment that nurtures not only the mind but also the spirit. Learn about a place of unending learning. The Priory welcomes day students and boarding students, and it serves children in grades 6 through 12. Watch as young minds that are hungry to explore, learn, and flourish come together.

Experience the world within the walls of The Priory, where 60% of the 426 students are international scholars. Embrace cultural exchange and unity, as diverse perspectives enrich the educational journey.

Woodside Priory School
Woodside Priory School

Elevate your educational journey without barriers. At The Priory, greatness is accessible, with annual tuition fees of $80,640 inclusive of boarding expenses. Witness how investment in education transforms into an investment in a brighter future.

Journey into a realm where tradition meets innovation, where diversity fosters unity, and where excellence is a way of life. Join The Priory and embark on an odyssey of discovery, creativity, and academic brilliance.


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