UK Universities With the Lowest Tuition Fees For Foreign Students

In the United Kingdom, attending college sometimes carries a heavy price tag. Even though many students want to earn a British degree, there is growing interest in locating the most affordable options. There are many universities in the UK, and each one has different tuition charges and additional expenses. Fortunately, people looking for an economy without sacrificing the standard of their education have a wide range of possibilities.

A crucial government decision in 2017 allowed British universities to charge domestic students tuition fees up to £9,250. On the other hand, each university has its own fee schedules that apply to international scholars. Unquestionably, this significant financial commitment presents a problem and makes it unaffordable for most potential students. Notably, the UK is one of the most expensive places in the world to live, which amplifies the effect of additional expenses that invariably come with being an international student. This combination creates a significant obstacle for many people looking to pursue education in the UK.

However, there are certain universities in the UK that charge both domestic and international students the same £9,250 in tuition. For those hoping to pursue their academic goals without having to pay excessive prices, this parity in rates offers a ray of hope.

List of UK universities that are most affordable for international students:

Comparing the Cost of Attending UK Universities for Foreign Students

The cost of tuition is a significant consideration for international students thinking about pursuing higher education in the UK. Here, we examine the tuition charges for a number of UK colleges that provide high-quality instruction at various price points.

1. University of Leeds Beckett – £12,000

University of Leeds Beckett
University of Leeds Beckett

The dynamic city of Leeds and one of the UK’s major financial areas are home to Leeds Beckett University, which is dedicated to providing top-notch education. The institution wants to give its students the best abilities and information possible so they can effectively navigate the future. Students will have plenty of work prospects after graduation thanks to collaborations with numerous organizations. The university has a varied student body from approximately 100 nations and offers reasonable tuition rates like:

  • Most undergraduate courses cost £12,000.
  • Most postgraduate courses are from £11,500 to £12,500.
  • £12,000 for research (subject to change in 2019/20)

2. Teesside University – £11,825 

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Teesside University, which enjoys both national and worldwide renown, distinguishes itself for its thorough study programs and top-notch teaching and research. The university promises a top-notch education and draws students from abroad with its affordable tuition rates. Tuition costs for the academic year 2018–19 are as follows:

  • Program for International Foundations – £9,750
  • Undergraduate Course @ Full-Time Rate: £11,825
  • Postgraduate programs with various costs range from part-time distance learning research (£5,875) to a master’s degree in business administration (£17,000).


3. Wrexham Glyndwr University – £11,750 

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Wrexham Glyndwr University, founded in 2008, is one of the newest universities in the UK but is renowned for providing high-quality instruction. The university’s tuition costs for the 2018–19 academic year are as follows, making them affordable:

  • College freshman: £11,750
  • graduate students: £12,500

4. University of Bedfordshire – £11,500 

University of Bedfordshire: £11,500 
University of Bedfordshire: £11,500

The University of Bedfordshire, which was created in 2006 through the union of two universities, attracts students from over 120 different nations. The university’s current tuition costs for out-of-country students are reasonable and are as follows:

  • Degree Program in BA/BSc – £11,500
  • Program for an MA/MSc – £12,000
  • Program for an MBA – £12,500

5. University of Cumbria – £10,500

University of Cumbria
University of Cumbria


The University of Cumbria has only been in operation for ten years, but it already has 10,000 students. The university offers high-quality instruction at a reasonable price, emphasizing student potential and future achievement. International students’ tuition varies depending on the type and difficulty of the course:

Pre-Sessional English (6 weeks) (£1,554) to BA (Hons) Social Work and Health Pre-registration Program (£15,500) are undergraduate programs that fall within this range.

Postgraduate degrees costing between £3,500 and £15,500 range in topics like young people in society and nuclear security management.

Making an informed choice requires careful consideration of the tuition costs, educational standards, and career chances at potential UK universities.


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