Deleted a Conversation by Mistake? iPhone can Now Recover Deleted Messages

In this lightning-fast digital world, it’s all too simple to unintentionally delete crucial text messages, leaving you with the horrible feeling that you’ve lost vital talks. It can be terrible to lose important information in a discussion thread or an emotional exchange with a loved one. Fortunately, there are ways to recover those deleted texts from the depths of your iPhone’s digital trash can in today’s tech-savvy age. Come along with us as we explore the digital world and reveal the methods for quickly recover deleted messages so you may relive those memorable moments. Let’s set out on a journey to quickly recover deleted communications and wave goodbye to regret.

The Significance of Text Messages:

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, our devices serve as the epicenter of our lives, seamlessly connecting us with loved ones, colleagues, and vital information. Amid the myriad of features and conveniences, one thing remains constant: the permanence of deletion—usually. Apple’s iPhone software, while efficient in many ways, has offered us a glimmer of hope in the form of a digital haven for discarded items, including text messages. In this guide, we unveil the methods to effortlessly recover deleted text messages on your iPhone, rescuing those treasured conversations from the brink of oblivion. Join us as we navigate the digital labyrinth, ensuring you never lose a message again. Let’s dive in!

How to Get Back iPhone Deleted Text Messages:

Recent Deleted Folder:

If you’ve unintentionally deleted a text message, don’t worry; there are various ways to get it back.

a. Press and hold the “Edit” button in the top left corner.

b. From the selection menu that appears, choose “Show Recently Deleted”.

c. Use the message filtering, option.

Deleted a Conversation by Mistake? iPhone can Now Recover Deleted Messages
Deleted a Conversation by Mistake? iPhone can Now Recover Deleted Messages

Message Filters:

To activate message filters:

a. Go to “Settings.”

b. Click on “Messages.”

c. Scroll down and choose “Filter Unknown Senders.”

d. Select “Filters” in the top left corner after turning on filters, and then click “Recently Deleted.”

e. This will take you to an inbox where you can see messages from the last 30 days. Any communication you discover can either be restored from here or permanently deleted.

f. Once you’ve located the desired message, click “Recover” in the bottom right corner. This will deliver it back to your main inbox.

Check Other Apple Devices:

If the message is older than 30 days, it may still be on another Apple device linked to your account, such as an iPad or PC.

iPhone Message History:

Your phone stores all the text, emojis, GIFs, and videos you send, which can become an issue if you run out of storage and can’t capture images or download software updates. While it’s advisable to periodically remove old messages, iPhones include a feature that automatically deletes old texts.

To modify how long text messages are stored on your phone:

  1. Access “Settings.”
  2. Tap “Messages.”
  3. Go to “Message History” by descending.
  4. Select “Keep Messages.”
  5. Choose your preferred duration (Apple offers options of thirty days, a year, or indefinitely).


Because our cell phones allow us to stay in touch with our dearest friends and family members, the unintentional loss of meaningful conversations can be discouraging in today’s digital age. It can be upsetting to think about these discussions disappearing into the void of the internet. However, as we’ve shown, you may retrieve deleted messages from the depths of your iPhone.

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