Tesla is Now Allowing Siri From Apple to Control Your Vehicle

Tesla, a leader in creative technology and electric automobiles, has announced a fascinating feature that improves customer convenience and pleasure. Tesla has transformed how consumers interact with their vehicles by adding support for Apple Shortcuts in the most recent update (version 4.24.0) of its mobile app for iOS. With the help of Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, Tesla owners will now be able to easily handle numerous parts of their vehicles.

Tesla Added Apple Shortcut

Tesla users can now use Apple Shortcuts a little bit better. Electric Automobile company Tesla added support for Apple Shortcuts to its mobile app for iOS in version 4.24.0. The company also has added a short review of the facts with the free app shortcuts included with the iPhone and iPad, in which people can configure time-saving options for a variety of operations (or even combine many actions into one shortcut). You can get to them by tapping or by speaking to Siri, Apple’s virtual helper.

Tesla is Now Allowing Siri From Apple to Control Your Vehicle
Tesla is Now Allowing Siri From Apple to Control Your Vehicle

You will now see a list of options you can configure for your Tesla when you open Shortcuts. You can lock and unlock your car, start preconditioning, and activate or deactivate Sentry and Dog mode. Also open and close the charging port, boot, and bonnet, and more with these shortcuts.

Once you’ve created a shortcut, you can either leave it there and use Siri to access it. Also, you may (among other possibilities) add it to the Home Screen for quicker access.

Shortcuts allow you to combine many activities into a single command. Allowing you to program your car with more intricate orders. For instance, I’ve created a shortcut that, with a single tap, locks my Tesla, shuts all windows, and activates Sentry mode. Additionally, if someone wants to go one step further, you can use the Shortcuts app to create Automation, which lets you run shortcuts when specified circumstances are satisfied, like when you get to a given area or at a certain time of day.


Finally, the use of Apple Shortcuts by Tesla in its mobile app represents a substantial advancement in user-centric innovation. The driving experience is improved by the ability to manage different parts of a Tesla car via Siri instructions. And customized shortcuts, which provide ease and customization. Users may anticipate more fluid and natural interactions with their electric vehicles. Therefore, Tesla is looking for new methods to integrate cutting-edge technology.

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